dj Mixes

So you might have been at a Wedding recently and you noticed that the DJ pressed play and let a whole song play out. Once the song ended they simply pressed play on the next song and did this all night! Yikes, I've seen it too.

But don't worry, that's not me. I am a super skilled DJ and mixer, keeping your guests totally engaged and in the moment and even providing a couple of unthinkable mash ups that you didn't know you needed until just when it happened. Reading the room is my speciality and keeping your guests dancing with smooth mixing is of most importance to me.

Check out some of the below DJ mixes as some examples of what to expect.

Check out this mix


Party Mash Up Mix
90s Dance Quick Mix
Pop Punk Mash Up Mix 1
RnB Quick Mix
Wedding Classics Modernised Mix
Pop-House Mix


Shoe Game video